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Why are you reading this site? Some may have come across it using a search engine, looking for information on climate change or a related subject. Some may have received an email proposing radical environmental policies. Some may be responding to an appeal on a chatboard or blog, or even a conversation in real life. Some may even have read or heard about it in the media.

However you came to be here, you need to know what this site is all about. It is about what you, as an individual, can do to preserve civilisation as we know it from destruction. It is not about saving the planet - climate change will not harm the planet in the long run, although it will set ecological complexity back considerably. It is not about recycling, or saving the whale, or turning off your lights when you leave a room. It is most definitely not about throwing away our technological way of life.

It is about a simple set of actions you can take, as an individual, to avert the most serious and imminent threat we face in the world today.

If you want to argue the pros and cons of individual pieces of scientific evidence, or to claim that a theory is not proven, or to provide anything but constructive criticism or positive support, then you need to find another outlet. By participating on this site, you should be implicitly accepting that global warming has a significant probability, and that the consequences may be devastating, and that as such, immediate and rapid action is required. If you are in any doubt that this is the case, please review the evidence and reports linked from here.

The time for talking about what might happen is over. The time for acting as if it will happen is now upon us.

How Serious, How Imminent?

Read these articles, and decide for yourself.
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A Sudden Change of State
There are also, at last count, over 6000 links to news articles on the discussion forum, and a couple of hundred website links. Please come and join and contribute.

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